Return Policy for products sold by BlockChainCharger:

1. All returned products must be in the original condition and packaging as received.

2. Products protected by customer-set passwords are not eligible for return.

3. Returns must include the original labels, warranty certificate (if applicable), and all accompanying documents.

4. Products must be returned with all accessories as originally delivered.

5. If multiple identical products are being returned, only sealed products will be fully refunded. Only one product may be unsealed.

6. Returns will not be accepted for products that show signs of wear, unauthorized modifications, scratches, chips, mechanical shocks, electrical damage, or missing accessories.

7. Products with uninstalled operating systems or software will not be accepted for return.

8. Please ensure that the return package matches the completed form. Any discrepancies may result in the refusal of pick-up by the courier.

Steps to follow for return

If the purchased product does not fully satisfy you, you can return it within 14 calendar days from the moment of delivery, following just 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the return form no later than the 14th calendar day from the delivery date;
  2. Wait for confirmation from a BCC operator regarding the registration of your request and the dispatch of the courier for the pickup of the product you wish to return;
  3. Prepare the product for shipping and hand it over to the courier.

    Order information:

    Product information and reason for return:

    Reason for return:

    Is the product opened?


    I declare that I agree to the collection of my personal data by BCCharger for the purpose of using them in the product return process.