BCC StartUp 7kW EV Charger


The BCC StartUp 7kW EV Charger is a state-of-the-art home charging solution with a sleek and modern design, crafted for residential use. It’s compatible with all vehicles supporting the Type2 standard, ensuring powerful and adjustable single-phase, AC charging. Enhanced with all-round safety features, OCPP integration and WiFi connectivity, it’s the optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor environments, delivering a smart and efficient EV charging experience.


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7kW Electric Vehicle Charger

Crafted with modern aesthetics in mind, the charger's design complements any residential setting while offering powerful, single-phase charging.

The BCC StartUp 7kW EV Charger isn't just an accessory for your electric vehicle; it's a leap into the future of home charging technology. It's designed to seamlessly integrate into any residential setting while offering top-tier charging capabilities.

It’s compatible with all vehicles supporting the Type2 standard, ensuring powerful and adjustable single-phase, alternative current (AC) charging.

Adaptability is key. The EV charger provides adjustable single-phase, AC charging, allowing you to set the charging power to your needs. Whether you require a quick top-up or a full overnight charge, the BCC StartUp 7kW delivers power exactly how and when you need it.
By maintaining a healthy charging balance, it protects your EV's battery against undue stress and degradation, securing your vehicle's long-term performance and reliability.

Universal Compatibility with Type 2 Standard

Designed for a broad spectrum of electric vehicles, the charger comes with Type 2 connector, the most widely adopted type in the EV market. This universal compatibility ensures that no matter which EV you drive, you can rely on the BCC StartUp 7kW for consistent, efficient charging.

All-round Protection, Safe Operation

Beyond design and usability, safety remains paramount. Manufactured under stringent European regulations and certifications, it safeguards against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, residual current, and more.

over-voltage protection

over-current protection

leakage protection

grounding protection

over-temperature protection

lightning protection

CP abnormal detection to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment, effectively prevent accidents

Robust Design for All Environments

The BCC StartUp 7kW EV Charger is engineered to thrive in any setting, thanks to its superior IP65 outdoor protection grade. This high rating signifies its exceptional resilience against environmental elements: dust-tight construction, water-resistant design, all-weather durability, robust build quality, aesthetic integration.

Low Power Consumption

Low energy consumption, the standby power consumption is up to 5W. The charger intelligently manages energy usage, drawing power only when needed, thereby conserving electricity and optimising overall energy expenditure.


The integrated WiFi connectivity and OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliance ensure that your charging process is not only safe but smart. Manage and monitor your charging remotely, receive updates, and tailor your charging experience to your lifestyle.

The OCPP integration ensures interoperability across EV charging networks like

The Ecosystem - GoCharge Tech 

The BlockChainCharger StartUp 7kW is part of the ecosystem, thus you'll get access to the EV charging platform.

All BCC EV Chargers are granted lifetime free access. You'll be able to define custom settings like auto-start on connector plug, charging power or view the E.V. charging statistics and reports.


By using the platform, you can monetise the E.V. charger while you're not using it. Set the price per kW, availability calendar, make the charger visible in the platform and that's it - people will be able to use it. Find more about Decentralised Network of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

What's in the box?

Main Parameters


386x250x80 (mm)


EN 61851-1

Net Weight:


Charge Interface:

EN 62196 Type 2

Cable Length:


User Interface:


Input/Output Voltage:

230VAC; 50/60Hz 1Phase

Operating Temperature:

-30°C ~ +50°C

Input/Output Current:

32A Max


Max 95% (non-regulating)


Type A+DC 6mA


≤ 2000m

Output Power:

7kW Max

IP Class:


Standby Power:


Cool Mode:

Natural Cooling

Cool Mode:

Natural Cooling


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