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Advanced Safety Systems

Within the commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging business, our BCC Business 22kW EV charger distinguishes itself not only through its robust power capabilities but also its exhaustive safety systems. These safety features are carefully crafted to ensure consistent and reliable performance, especially in high-traffic environments. The charger is equipped with a multi-layered safety suite that safeguards against various electrical hazards commonly encountered in commercial settings.



BCC EV Chargers adopts modular design principle, flexible configurations and convenient maintenance. Our products are manufactured according to European Regulations and Certifications and includes the security protection for: over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, residual current, over temperature, lightning and CP protection. Chargers can be used indoor and outdoor as it integrates the IP65 protection grade.



Our custom web and mobile optimised platform is available on any device and here’s a preview of the features:

Easy configuration

Adjustable charging current

Remote control

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With goCharge.tech you can easily turn your EV charger into a passive income stream. It's quite easy, you just have to connect your charger to our platform, set the schedule, price, and it's all done - other users will be able to use it. Note that only chargers with OCPP communication protocol can be connected to the platform.

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Wall-mounted or on the pillar, we aim to make your life easier by making installation like a breeze. 

Find all the needed documentation and electric vehicle charger specifications in the user manual.

Manuals are available in the following languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, French, German.