BCC Business 22kW EV Charger


The BCC Business 22kW EV Charger is a premium charging solution tailored for commercial use and high-demand environments. Featuring a Type2 connector, it ensures broad compatibility with vehicles that support the Type2 standard. Designed for robust performance, it seamlessly integrates with business infrastructures, offering efficient, high-capacity charging and unparalleled safety features.


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22kW Electric Vehicle Charger

Designed with a focus on high-performance and versatility, the BCC Business 22kW EV Charger merges robust functionality with a sleek, professional aesthetic, making it an ideal fit for commercial settings.

Tailored to meet the demands of commercial and residential use, this three-phase charger integrates seamlessly into a variety of business environments, delivering unmatched charging capabilities. Compatible with vehicles supporting the Type 2 standard, it provides powerful and adjustable three-phase, AC charging. This not only accelerates the charging process but also enhances the overall customer experience.

High-Capacity Three-Phase E.V. Charger with Adjustable Charging Power

The BCC Business 22kW EV Charger brings exceptional adaptability and power to commercial charging stations. This advanced three-phase charger offers adjustable AC charging, tailored to handle the continuous operation needed in commercial locations, from public parking lots to business complexes and fleet charging stations.

Universal Compatibility with Type 2 Standard

This robust three-phase charger is designed with a Type 2 connector, the most widely used in Europe, which ensures compatibility with a diverse range of EV models - a critical feature for commercial and public charging stations.

Advanced Safety Systems for Reliable Commercial Charging

In the world of commercial EV charging, the BCC Business 22kW stands out not just for its power, but for its comprehensive safety mechanisms, ensuring reliable operation in high-usage environments. The charger is fortified with multi-layered safety features, guarding against a range of electrical risks common in commercial settings, such as over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits.

over-voltage protection

over-current protection

leakage protection

grounding protection

over-temperature protection

lightning protection

CP abnormal detection to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment, effectively prevent accidents

High Durability for Diverse Commercial Environments

The BCC Business 22kW EV Charger is engineered to excel in the demanding conditions of commercial use, boasting an exceptional outdoor protection grade that ensures reliability and longevity in any setting.

Whether it’s mounted at a shopping center, a public parking lot, or a business complex, the charger’s high protection grade (IP65) allows for versatile placement options, ensuring optimal functionality regardless of location.

Energy Efficiency for Commercial Operations

Even when not actively charging, the BCC Business 22kW maintains minimal energy use, ensuring that standby power consumption is kept to a minimum, less than 5W.

Advanced Connectivity for Smart Commercial Charging

The integrated WiFi connectivity and OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliance ensure that your charging process is not only safe but smart. Manage and monitor your charging remotely, receive updates, and tailor your charging experience to your lifestyle.

The OCPP integration ensures interoperability across EV charging networks like

The Ecosystem - GoCharge Tech

The BCC Business 22kW is part of the ecosystem, thus you'll get access to the EV charging platform.

All BlockChainCharger branded EV Chargers are granted free access. You'll be able to define custom settings like charging power, availability schedule, manage remotely, automatically process payment and invoice, view the E.V. charging statistics and download reports.


By using the platform, you can monetise the E.V. charger while you're not using it. Set the price per kW, availability calendar, make the charger visible in the platform and that's it - people will be able to use it. Find more about Decentralised Network of Electric Vehicle Chargers.

What's in the box?

Main Parameters


386x250x80 (mm)


EN 61851-1

Net Weight:


Charge Interface:

EN 62196 Type 2

Cable Length:


User Interface:


Input/Output Voltage:

400VAC; 50/60Hz 3Phase

Operating Temperature:

-30°C ~ +50°C

Input/Output Current:

32A Max


Max 95% (non-regulating)


Type A+DC 6mA


≤ 2000m

Output Power:

22kW Max

IP Class:


Standby Power:


Cool Mode:

Natural Cooling

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