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In a world rapidly shifting towards sustainable transportation, the BlockChainCharger (BCC) trademark was born out of a vision: to create a decentralised network of Electric Vehicle Chargers.


We believe that it should be easy for everyone to charge their electric cars, no matter where they are. Whether you’re at home, work, shopping, or parked in the city, we’ve got a charger for you. Furthermore, we envision a decentralized network of EV chargers, where anyone can contribute and simultaneously tap into a passive income stream by being an integral part of the charging ecosystem.


We provide two versions of AC EV chargers: the BCC StartUp 7kW for residential use and the BCC Business 22kW for both commercial and residential environments.

Additionally, for those in need of rapid charging solutions, we offer DC chargers with a power spectrum ranging from 60kW to a whopping 250kW. These high-powered chargers are perfect for locations with heavy traffic, such as highway rest stops and commercial hubs, ensuring a quick and efficient charge for electric vehicles on the go.

EV Chargers

Our product range, from the BCC StartUp 7kW suited for residential use to the robust BCC Business 22kW tailored for commercial environments, encapsulates our commitment to versatility. Each charger embodies sleek design principles, integrating seamlessly into any backdrop while ensuring utmost efficiency and safety. With innovative features like adjustable charging power via an intuitive app, Type2 connector compatibility, and the potential for passive income through the goCharge.tech platform, we’re revolutionising the EV charging landscape.

Beyond the technology, safety stands paramount in our design philosophy. Each BCC charger adheres to rigorous European regulations, equipped with comprehensive protection mechanisms against varied potential hazards. Moreover, our OCPP integration promotes interoperability, ensuring BCC chargers fit effortlessly into broader EV charging networks.

Join us in experiencing “The Smart Way to Charge Electric Vehicles“.

With BCC, we’re not just building chargers; we’re crafting the future of sustainable transportation infrastructure. Welcome to the BCC community.

Electric Vehicle Chargers